Monday, January 23, 2012

Logo - PART I

Logo is the best medium for companies, organizations to state their identity.
We can denotate and connotate a company's style, history, industry, or even its mission by its logo.

Like most of the graphic designs, there are rules people suggest, there are crimes people commit when designing logos.
One rule of the thumb when designing logos is definitely SIMPLICITY.
Logos are used in many different locations, on the banner of a website, letterheads, business cards or product packages. Therefore, logo should be simple as possible.

Picking the right font can be a good starting point, this exercise is call creating a logotype. The goal is to decide on a font that represent your company's identity.
Here is an example of a logotype on the left.

We will continue this topic on logo in my next blog.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Figure and ground

In graphic design, finding the balance between the figure and the ground is very important.
The figure is the main subject of the design and the ground is the background or the whitespace surrounding the figure.
Having minimum or no ground in the design will create chaos, letting the ground taking over the figure will defeat the purpose of the subject.

Thus, graphic designer should seek for a balance tension between those two.

The following designs are created to illustrate this idea.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mirror-less Cameras

2011 is no doubt a big year for mirror-less cameras (also know as Micro Four Third cameras). Companies like Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have released a handful models of mirror-less cameras in the past year.
These cameras are light weighted with DSLR comparable sensors and image quality in a stylish package. Therefore they are very easy to travel with and perfect for casual or street photography.
In addition, most of their built-in firmware includes numbers of art filters and scene modes that adds extra fun while photo shooting.
It will be exciting to see more models releasing with more features and improvements and more companies merge into this new technology in digital photography in 2012.

Here are some sample photos I have taken with my Olympus E-P3.

ISO 1600

ISO 200

ISO 1600